Project Slowakije

We are located in Slovakia and work with specialists from a wide range of disciplines on a daily basis. Our personal approach enables us to provide customised guidance for every project. We are independent and try to realise your project as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. This way you always have a reliable partner on the ground.

The knowledge and experience gained by us in both the Netherlands and Slovakia are bundled in an effective tool that can open doors that remain shut to others.

This enables you to concentrate on your core business, while saving time and money in round trips for yourself or your colleagues.

You instruct us for a wide range of different projects. Examples include:

  • Guiding or monitoring a building project
  • Periodic¬†reporting of on-going operations
  • Organisation¬†and guidance of production
  • Product inspection prior to dispatch
  • The incorporation of a branch or business
  • Selection and inspection of a construction site or property
  • Recruitment and selection of personnel
  • Designing and printing advertising material
  • Market introduction of your product
  • Setting up sales channels

Do you need our assistance? Feel free to contact us. We are happy to make a no-obligation appointment with you to discuss the options.

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