We are specialists in translations to and from all languages. Under the name VertaalExperts (Translation Experts) we translate for the Dutch and Flemish markets.

Project ManagementBusiness Service

Thanks to our bilateral background, we can advise and assist Dutch companies with their activities in Slovakia and vice versa.

Bringing words together

Bridging language, distance and cultural differences. That is what we deal with every day.

We provide translations into all languages. In addition, Dutch companies can come to us for their projects in Slovakia and vice versa.

The daily management is in Dutch – Slovakian hands. Language and cultural differences are therefore no barriers for us. Switching between different cultures and languages ​​is, as it were, in our DNA. The different backgrounds make this mix a success for all parties. In practice, our method has turned out to be a win-win-win situation because we add value to all parties.

Whether it’s the subtitling of a travel program from Mexican Spanish or your introduction to a business partner. At EWE International you know for sure that your message will come across well.

After having been established in Slovakia for 12.5 years, we continued our activities in beautiful Leiden sine 01 August 2019.

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