What can we do for you?

Thanks to our expertise, knowledge on the ground and the language, we assist companies by providing translations and business services.


Are you looking for an interpreter that can assist in a meeting with a potential client or business partner? Or would you like to have your presentation translated directly for your audience? We can do all that and more.


You are looking for a translator who actively thinks along with you, so that your text is translated clearly and correctly? We translate from Dutch, German and English into Slovak and Czech and vice versa.

Market exploration

As part of a market exploration, we collect information about the Slovakian market for a certain product, service or idea. It is a necessary source of information, enabling you to make responsible choices.


Finding a reliable partner such as manufacturer or distributor form the basis for a fruitful partnership aimed for the long-term. Hence this is best left to a reliable party that fully understands the customs and languages of both countries.

Project Management

Our personal approach enables us to provide customised guidance for every project. We are independent and try to realise your project as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

Advice and guidance

Do you need assistance to launch your product here in Slovakia or to ensure the smooth running thereof? We can advise and guide you, while providing you with customised support.

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