In Slovakia, we represent the following Dutch companies:

Protec Coatings is a manufacturer of wood preservation products based on recyclable raw materials. We are not distributors, but are looking for reliable parties that qualify for distribution and sales, i.e., that offer a suitable network and options. We will maintain the contacts with this party to ensure the best possible results are achieved. We coordinate orders and transport, organise presentations and training courses, are available for inspections, we negotiate prices, etc.


Horse Park Realisation is a joint venture between two Dutch companies that have realised a unique trotting and race track in Slovakia. We maintain the contacts with regard to the administrative site of matters, as well as with regard to the current maintenance of the race track. In addition, we aim to realise an expansion of the activities in Slovakia.


Are you interested in the above companies or their products or services? Please feel free to contact us.

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