We are specialists in translations to and from Slovak and Czech. Under the name VertaalExperts (Translation Experts) we translate also into any other language (more info).

Project ManagementProject Management

Thanks to our physical location in Slovakia, we are able to assist with all your projects in Slovakia. This way you can focus on the things you are good at.

Market explorationMatchmaking

When you are looking for a supplier, manufacturer or distributor we can be of assistance. We help you form the basis for a fruitful partnership aimed for the long-term.

Advice and guidanceAdvice and guidance

Thanks to our expert knowledge on the ground, we are able to provide companies with the best possible assistance and guidance in their operations in Slovakia.

Welcome to EWE International

Bridging languages, distances and cultural differences

EWE International serves as a point of contact for Dutch and other foreign companies that (aim to) engage in activities in Slovakia. Thanks to our expertise, knowledge on the ground and the language, we assist companies by providing translations and business services.

Examples include:

Despite the relatively limited distance, the Netherlands and Slovakia show some major differences between them. Hence a reliable, local partner that speaks your language, as well as that of the market, is decisive for your success.

Access from the airport and motorway is good and we look forward to welcoming you in this beautiful county called Slovakia.

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